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Indus Aviation Systems has expertise in RFID based solution development. Providing the solution to Manufacturing as well as Aviation Industry, we have developed many application which improves the productivity as well as the ROI of the enterprises



SLA Track is a solution developed by Indus Aviation Systems LLP which focuses on proactive quality and compliance to service level agreements security monitoring ,facilities management ensuring quality.The solution is a no hassle non intrusive for any Societies , Companies and Institutes ensuring smooth functioning of periodic tasks
Ensure Compliances - Ensures all compliances according to service level agreement
Increased Productivity - Increased productivity of force deployed , possibility of SLA\'s driven model arsie
Activity Reports - All type of activity reports on Daily , Weekly, Monthly basis. Proof of presence by personnels
Real Time Reports - Real time reports, allows user to take quick actions


AVITRACK - a asset verification application for the hidden aircraft assets using UHF tags is developed by Indus Aviation Systems. The application is developed considering the regular checks which are mandated by the Civil Aviation Authorities before every flight. The manual checks are time consuming activities which reduces the significant amount of time of flying for the Airlines affecting the productivity. 

Ensure Compliances - Ensures all compliances according to Civil Aviation Authorities guidelines. Expiry and Maintenance is tracked effectively.
Increased Productivity - Increased productivity by the staff as there is no Manual removal of the assets.
Security and Safety Compliance - The UHF tamper proof cards are used to ensure that there is no tampering with the data associated with the tags.


INVTRACK - A pallet search application using UHF-RFID tags is a unique application form Indus Aviation Systems. The tracking of the parts while making a picklist and transport is a very handy tool for the warehouse staff. The easy to identify the location of the parts put on the pallet in the warehouse using UHF and HandHeld Reader is a productivity improvement tool by Indus. 

Easy Search - Easy to locate the parts in the warehouse once the pallet and location is mapped.
Improved Productivity - Increased productivity by the staff as there is no Manual removal of the assets.
Reduced Cost - The extra time taken by the staff to search and indentify the parts is reduced and there by reducing the employee cost.
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Indus Aviation Systems is Technology Company focussing on Aviation Software development with specialization on RFID and Contact Less Technologies

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